Devon will be gone for 2 weeks.. =(

July 30, 2009 at 1:30 am (Uncategorized)

I guess one of the reasons i started blogging again is because i need to get my mind off the fact that devon will be leaving for 2 weeks for NEK. It’s something to help train military soldiers. He’s going to be helping with something.. hard to explain what he’ll be doing. He’s basically being someone for soldiers to practice their training on. Devon has no interest in joining the military, he’s not joining, he’s just doing this for 2 weeks for the payment he will get afterwards. Very good money. lol.

I’m going to miss him so much, i already do and he leaves this friday at 4 in the moring. We spent all of yesterday and today together. He came over here at 8 in the morning. I can still talk to him on the phone, untill he leaves. There is no phone signal where he is going, because it will be out in the swamps. I feel bad that he has to go to that and be stuck there for 2 whole weeks. When he comes back i have a huge gift for him though, so that should put even more smiles on his face. We decided that when he gets back we are gonna cuddle up together and watch Titanic. That’s our favorite movie. =)

I cried today when he had to go home. It was so hard to see him walk into his house. I just wanted to run up and give him one last hug before he goes. I really wanted to and always want to go back and hug him when me and my parents have to drop him off at home. I love him so much. I truely do.

Hmmm, tommorow I have an interview at Party City. (a store that sells birthday stuff, party supplies, holiday stuff, jus stuff like that) I’m hoping that the interview will go well. I really want a job so I can have money for gas when I get a car. Next week I am going to get my license. I’m most likely going to get a green vulsewagon. That’s my dream car.

Well i’m going to get off and talk to my devon =)

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